CAC Knowledge Exchange Meeting on May 12th from 4:00 to 5:00PM (pacific)

Hear from the lead researcher about the results of a new Australian study that finds that as many as two in three smokers will die from their addiction and that smokers will die an estimated 10 years earlier than non-smokers.
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Overview of May 12th webinar

A large Australian study of more than 200,000 people has provided independent confirmation that up to two in every three smokers will die from their habit if they continue to smoke. The research, published in the international journal BMC Medicine, is the first evidence from a broad cross-section of the population to show the smoking-related death toll is as high as two thirds.

"We knew smoking was bad but we now have direct independent evidence that confirms the disturbing findings that have been emerging internationally, said lead author Professor Emily Banks, Scientific Director of the Sax Institute's 45 and Up Study and a researcher at the Australian National University.


Professor Emily Banks is a public health physician and epidemiologist with interest and expertise in large scale cohort studies, pharmacoepidemiology, women’s health, Aboriginal Health and healthy ageing. She is currently the Head of Chronic Disease Epidemiology at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, Scientific Director of the 45 and Up Study and Chair of the Advisory Committee on the Safety of Medicines.

The main emphasis of her work has been in using cohort study methodology to identify potentially modifiable factors affecting individual and population health in different settings and in quantifying their effects, to inform improvements in health and health care.

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