Advocates for a smoke-free British Columbia
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The Heart and Stroke Foundation (B.C. & Yukon) and The Canadian Cancer Society (BC and Yukon) are committed to reducing tobacco use and exposure to second-hand smoke in B.C. 

As partners in the Clean Air Coalition of BC, our goal is to build a greater understanding of the health hazards of second-hand smoke, generate support for smoke-free environments, and support tobacco-control related activities at both the local and provincial levels. 


Through our partnerships with community, regional, and national groups, we aim to reduce the harm caused by tobacco use and exposure to second-hand smoke through:


Make it harder for young people to start smoking


Protect people from exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke


Make it easier for those addicted to tobacco products to quit


Educate the public about how the tobacco industry targets youth

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For Media Enquiries:

Contact Jack Boomer at 250-589-4268